We prepare and offer for sale a full spectrum of rough diamond products ranging from Very High-End unique Exceptional & Special stones, High-End products destined for luxury retail, Mid-Market products destined for mainstream retail and Low-End products for fashion retail and industrial uses.


Our product mix caters to the needs of both specialist and generalist customers, and we ensure that the colour, quality, size and model profiles of our rough products closely match our customers' polished outcome requirements, evolving rough product profiles to align with downstream demand trends.


Using De Beers’ proprietary technology and quality control processes, we go to great lengths to ensure our products are produced to industry-leading standards of consistency.


Our products are assorted into the following categories that reflect our customers’ utilisation of the goods.

Very High-End

Goods of exceptional quality or fancy colours. Very high-end material typically destined for the ultra-luxury segment.

Exceptional and special diamonds


Goods ranging from IF to VS quality and D to J colour. High-end material typically destined for the luxury segment.

Premium diamonds


Goods ranging from VS to I quality in all colours. Mid-range material typically destined for branded jewellery and chain or independent retail.

VS to I quality diamonds


Goods ranging from SI to I qualities in all colours. Goods requiring multiple processes typically destined for fashion and “mass market” retail, or industrial applications.

Standard and workable diamonds

Established Polished Outcomes

High-End 2-10ct / High-End Grainers & Smalls


Mid-Market 2-10ct


Mid-Market Grainers 


Mid-Market Smalls