For Buyers

Registered Buyers can enjoy enhanced opportunities to acquire rare and exceptional rough and polished stones that De Beers Auction Sales authenticate as natural, untreated from reputable sources and approved third party sellers.

Any stone offered for sale through the Service is offered from reputable sellers that demonstrate our Registered Seller standards, from approved sources of origin that we evidence, and have been screened for synthetic and treatment detection using the Kimberley Process foot-printing guidance and industry-leading technology. As a Registered Buyer you can therefore bid for stones that interest you with full confidence.  


Please be informed that the Service is only open to registered customers of De Beers Auction Sales. If you are keen to use the Service but have not yet registered with us as a Buyer, please click here.

Registered Buyers keen to purchase goods through the Service are encouraged to visit the Auctions page on our website as available stone details will be advertised there. If a Buyer is keen to view goods, he may contact his account manager to arrange for viewings. On the auction day, should a Buyer successfully bid and win goods, he will be invoiced accordingly.