De Beers Auction Sales (DBAS) is a leading online auctioneer of rough diamonds through Spot and Forward Contracts.

Now, for the first time, the company is bringing together one of the industry’s largest international and diverse network of Registered Sellers and Registered Buyers through the launch of Auction Services for both rough and polished diamonds. 


Elevated trading standards

The service elevates rough and polished trading standards in the auction space through the implementation and public release of the De Beers Auction Sales Diamond Trading Standard – an industry leading set of standards pertaining to seller integrity, diamond provenance and screening for synthetics and treatments. 

Secure, reliable transactions with ease

Curtis Fitch, a leading e-auctions solutions company, administers De Beers auctions and complies strictly with the global standard for information security (ISO27001). Bids and other confidential data are encrypted on a secure system, that is simple to use, intuitive and convenient.

A key element of De Beers Auction Sales' processes to stem the flow of any smuggled or conflict diamonds into the legitimate diamond trade, and to ensure that its source of origin requirements are met, Auction Sales uses the Kimberley Process footprinting guidance to verify each diamond and diamond parcel is reviewed before the parcel is approved for sale on the De Beers auction platform.